July 06, 2006

Youths desecrate Canadian Tomb of Unknown Soldier

A few days old, but disgraceful, nonetheless: Sentries called for after youths urinate on [Canadian] Tomb of Unknown Soldier:

A lone, unemployed Canadian donned a Maple Leaf-red sweater Tuesday and stood guard under a blistering midday sun by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the National War Memorial.

Authorities haven't decided yet how they'll improve security after the memorial was desecrated on Canada Day, but Don Dawson wasn't going to wait for them to make up their minds.

He draped a vintage Canadian Legion flag — a British ensign with a green maple leaf imposed in the centre — over his shoulder and stood rigidly at attention.

"I got up this morning and asked myself what I could do about this, and I decided to come here out of respect for all the soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of Canada," said Mr. Dawson, who spent the whole day at the site.

Three young men were photographed urinating on the memorial on Canada Day. Police were looking for the three on Tuesday and asked them to come forward.

Lucianne commenter Mrs. Tanto sums it up:
I don't believe this is only a Canadian problem. I believe it's more of a western civ problem and the fact that schools no longer teach respect and/or reverence of history. How else would they act toward a monument which has not importance to them? Aftr all, today's teachers and administrators are either the 60's generation of rebellion (mine) or their children brought up in permissiveness...
H/T: The always respectful Donnah Cracker

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