July 14, 2006

The Trial of Zidane v Materazzi

Zidane would not want me on his jury.

BBC: Zidane - victim or villain?

All rise in the people's court of football fairness to hear the case of Zidane v Materazzi.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, your task is to decide who is the guilty party, and who is the victim.

You will hear evidence from both sides. There is an impressive array of character witnesses forming behind Zidane, while perhaps surprisingly for someone who was the victim of a vicious assault, support for Materazzi is thin.

Does that mark out the real villain, or is it more a case of Zidane getting his retaliation in first?

Zidane is beginning to emerge from this episode with his reputation not only intact, but enhanced. The last villain to enjoy such a good press was Robin Hood.

Considering his act of folly handicapped his team as effectively as tying their legs together, France has cast Zizou in the role of Prodigal Son.

Read the rest of the trial proceedings here.

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