July 20, 2006

Gender-Bender Guppies

Remember, ladies, gentlemen, and uh.. genties, it's all about choice these days.

Third of male fish in rivers are changing sex:

A third of male fish in English rivers are changing sex due to 'gender-bending' pollution, alarming research shows.

Experts say female hormones from the contraceptive pill and HRT are being washed into our rivers and causing male fish to produce eggs.

The problem - which is country-wide - has raised fears that the pollutants could also be contaminating our drinking water - and even be affecting the fertility of men.

Yea, and Mountain Dew kills your guys...

Reader Gerald Jacobs of NYC chimes in,

I spoke to the fish. They had no choice. The men's lavatory was closed.
I can hear it now...
See! Homosexuality/transgenderness/whatever is natural because it's found in...uh...nature! Even monkeys are doing it!

Transgendered goldfish, coming to an aquarium near you...

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