July 21, 2006

Julie Banderas destroys Shirley "God hates you" Phelps-Roper

I know this has been around the net for almost a week now but I'm just posting this for those who have not seen it, and also for my own personal enjoyment.

Ms. Banderas really tears that hatemongering witch to shreds on national television with, get this, HOLY SCRIPTURE!

Simply excellent:

"You Wanna Preach? Let's Preach!"

I'm sure I am not the only viewer who almost half-expected to hear that sentence end with "...bitch!" -- but Julie kept her cool. I was amazed at how well she kept her composure while still running off Bible verses to counter this lunatic.

Banderas demonstrated a degree of integrity, and, well, a spine, that I have not seen very often in the news media.

God bless her.

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