July 27, 2006

AF: Afghan Forces fighting for a brighter future

AFPS: Afghan Security Forces Gaining Capability, Spokesman Says

WASHINGTON, July 25, 2006: While the enemy will continue to resist the will of the government and more violence is expected, the Afghan National Army and National Police are gaining capability by the day, a Combined Forces Command Afghanistan spokesman said today.

At a news conference in the Afghan capital of Kabul, Army Col. Thomas Collins said Afghan and coalition forces are working with the local government and international aid organizations. The combined forces "continue their efforts to enable the Afghan people with opportunities for a brighter future despite the enemy's futile attempts to stop the march of progress," he said.

[...] "Those responsible for these violent acts are conducting a simultaneous assault on Afghan security forces, the coalition, all symbols of governance and development, and the Afghan people," the colonel told reporters. "In fact, the majority of victims of these attacks are innocent Afghan bystanders."

Progress continues unrelentingly despite the enemy's efforts to thwart progress in Afghanistan, Collins said.

"Although the enemy's aim is to disrupt progress and good governance, they are not succeeding," he said. "Every day, more and more police officers are trained, and the Afghanistan National Army continues to grow. Every day, the coalition and international community builds new roads, schools and infrastructure for the Afghan people.

"Our message is progress," he continued. "The only message the terrorists and extremists can use is violence [...]"

Please continue to spead a message of hope --- for the Afghan people, and the world.

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