August 02, 2006

Iraqi forces continue to weed out Baghdad death squads

Iraqi Forces Target "Death Squad" Activities in Four Baghdad Operations

BALAD – Iraqi army and security forces conducted four early-morning raids in Baghdad on August 1, capturing three primary suspects associated with 'death squads' in an ongoing effort to stem activities of these organizations.

The precision operations, conducted by Iraqi forces accompanied by coalition force observers, occurred in three areas, all in the western part of Baghdad.

In the Ashulla area of northwest Baghdad, Iraqi army forces captured two individuals, including one known high-level insurgent leader. This 'leader' controls several smaller cells that allegedly conduct improvised explosive device attacks against coalition forces, traffic weapons, and kidnap, torture, and murder Iraqi citizens and Iraqi soldiers. It is believed that one of his 'punishment cells' kidnapped and murdered 14 Iraqi soldiers in May as he looked on.

In the al Rasheed area of southwest Baghdad, Iraqi security forces conducted two separate raids and captured two primary targets. One individual is an insurgent informant alleged to be an active participant in targeting and killing Iraqi citizens. A second individual allegedly conducted a mortar attack against Baghdad International Airport, transported weapons and IEDs, and participated in the murder of Iraqi citizens.

During the fourth and final operation, an insurgent cell leader and two others were captured by Iraqi Army scouts in the Ghazaliya area of western Baghdad. This cell leader is believed to have conducted IED and rocket propelled grenade attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces; he also is believed to be involved in killing Iraqi citizens.

Each operation occurred without incident; no Iraqi or coalition forces were injured.

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