September 09, 2006

Madrid bans "too-thin models" from fashion shows

Madrid bans too-thin models from catwalk

MADRID (AFP) - Excessively skinny fashion models will be barred from a major Madrid fashion show later this month for fear they could send the wrong message to young Spanish girls, local media reported.

Madrid's regional government, which is co-financing the Pasarela Cibeles, has vetoed around a third of the models who took part in last year's show because they weigh too little.

The authorities collaborated with a Spanish health organisation to come up with a minumum body mass -- a height-weight ratio -- of 18 for the models.

Spanish daily ABC said it was the first time such restrictions had been imposed on a fashion show, although a recent wedding dress exhibition in Barcelona banned fashion models who took a dress size below 38 (British size 10, US size eight).

Several models at last year's show provoked a row when they claimed their careers would be under threat if they put on weight.

Organisers said they wanted to "help ensure public opinion does not associate fashion, and fashion shows in particular, with an increase in anorexia, a disease which, along with bulimia, is considered ... as a mental and behavioural problem".

The event will take place on September 18-22.

That is fantastic news. Highly commendable action taken by the regional government of Madrid.

Though I am unfamiliar with what kind of magazines they have in Spain, I imagine the "Elle"s and "Vogue"s and other such titles like we have don't help the image perception of young girls either. But it's a definite start.

Good job.

Posted by Kyer at September 9, 2006 10:53 AM | TrackBack

As a counselor who works with a lot of eating disorderd clients, I applaud the folks for doing this. That Spain would lead the way is odd, one never thinks of Spain as being in the fore of anything. But, they dang sure took the lead in saving some lives.

Posted by: GM Roper at September 9, 2006 09:47 PM

Women doesn't have a "models" body unless she is watching every bite and counting every calorie. Who wants to live like this so that some big wig designer makes a killing on selling what they call clothing. I mean have you seen some of this awful stuff they portray as fashion?? Spain done exactly what America should have done years ago.

Posted by: Sandy at September 25, 2006 01:28 AM

I agree with you there, Sandy. Some of those so-called works of "fashion" would barely be suitable for a hankerchief or a dish rag. (Though I've never considered using imported silk to dry dishes... maybe I should?)

Thanks for your comments, folks.

Posted by: Kyer at September 26, 2006 12:02 PM