September 26, 2006

If Islamofascists can kick it old school... can we.

Aznar defends Pope's remarks:

"Why do we always have to say sorry and they never do?" Aznar told a conference in Washington on "global threats" on Friday. ...

Referring to the Moorish conquest of much of the Iberian Peninsula from the eighth to the 15th century, Aznar said: "It is interesting to note that while a lot of people in the world are asking the Pope to apologise for his speech, I have never heard a Muslim say sorry for having conquered Spain and occupying it for eight centuries."

Aznar, who was the Prime Minister from 1996 to 2004, took Spain into the American-led war in Iraq, against massive public opposition.

Addressing Friday’s conference in Washington on "global threats", Aznar said: "We are living in a time of war ... It’s them or us. The West did not attack Islam, it was they who attacked us."

"We must face up to an Islam that is ambitious, that is radical and that influences the Muslim world, a fundamentalist Islam that we must confront because we don’t have any choice.

"We are constantly under attack and we must defend ourselves," he said.

"I support Ferdinand and Isabella," he proclaimed, in reference to the medieval Catholic monarchs who drove the Moors out of Spain in 1492.

What a great quote.

I've always admired Aznar for standing firm against terorism --- and the 3/11 "ETA did it!" issue aside --- I still cannot believe (OK, so I guess I can) the Spanish voted in Zapatero.

Meanwhile... Patrick supports a "modern infidel ideological reconquista"...

...don't you?

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