April 17, 2007


Reason #4,783 why the UD Alumni Association will never get a friggin dime from me.

Earth Day-related dining hall events planned

4:41 p.m., April 16, 2007--UD Dining Services and Residence Life will sponsor a “Take Action” campaign in support of ecology, conservation and sustainability Monday-Friday, April 16-20, leading up to Earth Day, which will be celebrated across the country on Sunday, April 22.

Special programs will be incorporated into campus dining each day of the week and proceeds from the sale of special Earth Day cookies will be donated to World Vision, a nonprofit organization committed to conservation and sustainability efforts in Third World countries.

All week students will be provided with tips on how they can take action to conserve and recycle while on campus and encouraged to conserve water, energy and electricity. Other activities include:

Dim the Lights Day--On Monday, April 16, Dining Services will dim the lights and experiment with different lighting levels in all dining locations to create an impact and conserve energy.

Tray-less Day-On Tuesday, April 17, food trays will be removed from all four dining halls in support of conservation research that shows that when trays are removed from the dining locations, less food is wasted and water and energy are conserved.

Weigh-the-Waste Day-On Wednesday, April 18, all dining halls will weigh the waste generated during dinner and a contest will be conducted for students to guess the total weight of the waste collected. Prizes include a portable DVD player for the student who comes closest to guessing the total weight of the waste. The dining hall with the least amount of food waste per patron will be rewarded with a tropical fruit bar station.
This project aims to create awareness about the amount of food that is wasted daily in dining halls. The Rodney Complex sustainability committee will assist in the weighing and calculating of the waste generated in Rodney Dining Hall. Having completed a similar unannounced test on March 14, the committee is hopeful that there will be significant reduction in waste on April 18.

Know Your Ecological Footprint -- On Thursday, April 19, Dining Services will partner with the Rodney Sustainability Committee and other student groups to help students determine and understand their ecological footprint--the amount of land and water that is needed to support a given lifestyle. Literature and computing stations will be available to help students determine their ecological footprint at [www.myfootprint.org].

flibbity flabbity...
Earth Day Meal-On Friday, April 20, Dining Services will feature special menus enhanced by vegetarian, vegan and locally grown products.
Does that mean no pizza and Cap'n Crunch?!?!?!?
“We see Earth Day as an opportunity to help the campus community engage in socially responsible activities that put into practice our shared commitment to the environment,” Sue Bogan, director of Dining Services, said. “The program also will help increase students' awareness of the environment and help them realize how individual actions and decisions impact our campus and beyond.”

“The activities being offered will provide wonderful opportunities for students and other campus community members to better understand climate change and learn how to make simple modifications in their daily habits that will have significant benefits for all of us,” Kathleen Kerr, director of residence life, said.
“As global citizens, we all need to be more aware of how our actions and decisions affect us and the other ecosystems with which we interact.”
If I remember correctly, this is the same University of Delaware that during "Global Foods Week" served chicken, corn, and something resembling collard greens on "African Foods night".

Not "African-American" food night, "AFRICAN" food night.


Global citizens and such.

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