April 18, 2007

Poland-Ukraine ticket win Euro2012 bid

Poland and Ukraine host Euro 2012

Uefa president Michel Platini said: "Today Poland and Ukraine have been chosen by the Uefa executive committee to host Euro 2012 and they are surely a worthy winner.

"However there are no losers today, rather only bids that have not won this time round. "

...What are we in, kindergarten? "Everyone is a winner! Yay! You didn't come in second, Timmy, you just came in after number one! Gold medals for everyone!"

I digress.

According to Uefa sources, Poland and Ukraine won in the first round of voting with eight of the 12 votes while four went to Italy and none to Croatia and Hungary.
Such crap.

Not even one vote? Italy doesn't deserve a single vote after all the Serie A drama last year and yes, I realize Hungary and Croatia's infrastructure was probably lacking but c'mon. Not even a vote?


Anyhow, good for Ukraine and Poland. I'm not annoyed at them, moreso just that Hungary/Croatia didn't even get a sympathy vote.

Oh well. At least we are hosting the SuperLiga.

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