May 11, 2007

Cyborg Commie Cops?

Riot police show strength to warn troublemakers

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Techno and rock music blared away as the bare-chested Russian policeman lay on his back on a pile of broken glass and nails. A colleague dropped three daggers, point down, on his stomach and trampled on his chest.

Russia's special police, the OMON, were showing what they are made of.

Kremlin critics and Western governments accused them of using excessive force to break up opposition protests last month.

But the message they were sending on Thursday was they were ready to take on any troublemakers in a year when more protests are likely as Russia prepares to elect a new president.

"This is a warning," said an OMON colonel who called himself Vladimir Antonovich as he watched three policemen smash flaming bricks with their bare fists.

"We want to show off what we can do."


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