July 28, 2007

#1 Defense vs. #1 Offense in Iraq-Saudi Asian Cup Final

Extra security planned for Iraq's football fans


War-weary Iraqis said they were planning big celebrations despite the danger and regardless of the outcome.

Some have already begun decorating their cars and homes in Iraq's colours and national flags, a rare sign of unity in a nation fractured by sectarian violence between majority Shi'te Muslims and Sunni Arabs.

Haji Abu Hasan has decorated his car with flags and pictures of the Iraqi team, which includes Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish players.

"Even if we lose the match, we are so proud of our team," Hasan said.

"They could unify the Iraqi people, and that's where politicians failed."

Mohsin Kadim, 34, said Sadr City, a sprawling Shi'ite slum in northeastern Baghdad, would hold one of the biggest parties.

"We will go celebrating even if we are attacked by nuclear weapons," Kadim said.

That's the spirit.

Here's to an Iraqi victory!

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