March 11, 2008

Chris Core abruptly leaves WMAL

In an apparent money-motivated shakeup by radio giant Citadel Broadcasting, Chris Core was let go immediately after his Friday morning broadcast on 610 WMAL.

I don't understand why they (Citadel, not local management) pulled the "we'll catch him on the way out" tactic without letting him say goodbye to his audience.

For someone who has been on the WMAL airwaves more than three decades -- it was the least they could have done -- out of respect. It wasn't personal, it's the nature of the radio business, etc. Nevertheless, very unfortunate.

I started listening to Core a year or so ago -- he was a welcome respite from some of the morning alternatives (translated: when Glenn Beck was suffering from a terrible case of verbal diarrhea for 3 hours on a dry news day and no one tapped the glass to say "Not funny.").

Although I'm not a fan of self-described political "independents", I always appreciated Core's respectful and refreshing approach to the political happenings and guests of the day.

"I tried to run an open-minded, fair talk show. I never hung up on people and I tried not to talk over them. I enjoyed the banter and intellectual stimulation. I tried to engage with people I disagreed with. I guess that makes me a rarity in talk radio." Chris Core
The Washington Post has an article here.

Hopefully he'll find something suiting his talents sooner rather than later.

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