June 04, 2005

New Chechen Resistance Leader: No more hostage takings

Russia: New Chechen Resistance Leader Vows No More Hostake Takings
By Liz Fuller

(RFE/RL) Abdul-Khalim Sadullaev, the successor to slain Chechen President and resistance leader Aslan Maskhadov, told RFE/RL's North Caucasus Service in a 3 June interview that he strongly condemns terrorism and said it is not part of the resistance's policy.

Sadullaev also said that while the resistance will continue to try to inflict the maximum damage on the Russian armed forces and military targets, they will not attack peaceful civilians, women, and children, and will not take them hostage. Sadullaev was answering questions submitted to him by RFE/RL.

Sadullaev was virtually unknown until he was named Chechen president three months ago following Maskhadov's death. It is therefore not possible to say with any certainty whether he played any role in the Moscow theater hostage taking in October 2002 or last September's hostage taking in Beslan. Russian officials blame both Maskhadov and radical field commander Shamil Basaev for those terrorist acts.

Terrorism not part of the "resistance policy," eh?

We'll, let's just say I take your word as seriously as "President" Mahmoud "The little jihad has ended. The big jihad now begins" Abbas.

Posted by Kyer at June 4, 2005 01:05 AM