December 13, 2004

O.J. TV coverage upstaged; Connor "the Fetus" vindicated

In arguing for death last week, prosecutors called Peterson "the worst kind of monster" and said he was undeserving of sympathy. Geragos begged of jurors: "Just don't kill him. That's all I am asking of you. End this cycle."

The...endless cycle of... 2 executions in the state of California since the death penalty was re-instated in the 70's?

The death sentence came almost two years to the date after the disappearance of Laci Peterson, a 27-year-old substitute teacher who married her college sweetheart and was soon to be the proud mother of a baby boy named Conner. [...]

The remains of Laci and the fetus washed ashore about four months later, just a few miles from where Peterson said he was fishing in the San Francisco Bay. The case went to trial in June, and the jury of six men and six women convicted Peterson last month of two counts of murder.

In the tradition of appearing "fair and balanced" like their betters in the media business, the Associated Press first refers to Connor as a baby boy and a fetus within 1 sentence.


Posted by Kyer at December 13, 2004 07:50 PM