December 11, 2004

"Day trips and X-rays and Brooklyn--Oh my!"

Alright kids, two orders of business.

Today, Saturday, December 11 2004, Ash and I are taking a much needed mental-health day trip to what is probably the most mentally taxing city in the country--New Yoik City (Brooklyn and Manhattan to be more precise). I'm takin' the lil' lady to see "the big Christmas tree" at Rockafella' Centa and stroll down (actually up, since we're coming from Brooklyn) 5th Ave.

Also of newsworthy notoriety, yesterday, Friday, December 12 2004, I called my local medical imaging/deli and found out the cost of a c-spine x-ray and was told it was a brisk $165.

Being a rather unemployed college graduate at the time--I think I might wait a few weeks until that nice 9-5 job with med benefits falls in my lap (or when Big Guy helps me get off the couch).

So no more telling me not to be stubborn! Now it's just a matter of getting the dough.

P.S. If I see the advertising promo for the Ben Franklin documentary on the History Channel where they reveal he was not only a patriot and an inventor but a "playboy" ONE MORE TIME--I'm going to scream.

P.P.S. Personal comp. health insurance plans suck.

Posted by Kyer at December 11, 2004 01:30 AM