November 11, 2004

"The more things change, the more things stay the same..."

Dear America,

Oh, how I've missed thee! So much has gone on since you've been away...

It has now been eleven (11) days since George Walker Bush has been re-elected and surprisingly, the reactions from the left have been pretty might even say their means of venting have been subtle.

Thankfully, compared to 2000, we are no longer a divided electorate. I mean, after all, what's a few million votes and a couple of red blotches mean anyways?

Donnah was even nice enough to singlehandedly deliver Florida for the GOP...(although I prefer to say it was God's divine providence as worked through Donnah dearest, but see it as you may!)

Three days after the election, the media melee was still in full force, refusing to relent in their struggle to undermine the GWOT. Even once widely-respected former White House reporter Hellen Thomas successfully destroyed her journalistic reputation by subjecting the American public to her communist verbal diarrhea.

Meanwhile, as talks concerning the need to "reinvent" the core values of the Democratic Party so they are more than just "the opposition party," began--some junior Democrats have apparently been left out of the loop. As the Associated Press reports:

"[John Edwards is] hardly going away. He's positioned himself for a full-out presidential run in 2008, a campaign that in a way he's already begun.
[...] That's despite his liabilities: He's leaving the Senate after a single term; he has little foreign policy experience; he couldn't deliver his own state or any other in the South for Kerry, despite boasting that 'I will beat George Bush in my backyard.' But he now has the experience and public exposure of a national campaign. "
Well, at least they were kind enough to offer one piece of encouragement. Word on the street is, even Howard "Yeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggh!!!!!" Dean may be up for the top spot as the head of the DNC...should Queen Hillary permit it...

One piece of advice I can give the Democratic faithful is to first learn to tell the difference between an undesirable outcome of a hardfought and legitimate election and the barbaric killing of 3,000 men, women and children who merely inhabited a building.

Perhaps it was/(still is?) just too difficult for them to swallow the reality of a better tomorrow: Dubya didn't just win where he won. He mostly won where he lost, too. Even Dirty Jersey voted strongly for Bush.

Travis argues Bush successfully won the "election trifecta" and thus a true mandate from the people.

Steve (via Sharon Hughes) got all mathematical and shizzle on me while I wasn't looking.

Eric asks Michael Moore when the last time he saw his penis was... while the wonderful Michelle Malkin turns his artful attack into something Moore beautiful. (Is it possible to use the words "beautiful" and "Moore" in the same sentence?)

Patrick is poignantly poetic while Liberal Larry leaves us laughing.

Arnold reminds us who the losers are .... while fantastic Frank J. reminds us who the real enemy is and always has been...

Nick and Pat defend the intelligent faithful... and finally....



Wife, kids, job, and responsibility

P.S. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! You'll be so proud of me... I passed my global test!!!

P.P.S. Get ready kids, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kyer at November 11, 2004 01:05 AM