November 03, 2004

Kerry Calls Bush to Concede

I definitely need some time for this to set in... Expect my post later on this evening when I take my first breath return from my blogcation.

Meanwhile, for those of you so inclined to gloat, Will over at Vodkapundit has one heck of a treat for you... (ahem...ERIC....ahem...)

Proverbs 24:17-20
"Do not gloat when your enemy falls;
when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice,
or the LORD will see and disapprove
and turn his wrath away from him.

Do not fret because of evil men
or be envious of the wicked,
for the evil man has no future hope,
and the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out."

Is this not true?

Posted by Kyer at November 3, 2004 11:35 AM