July 30, 2004

Is Saudi Arabia running out of oil?

The Saudis claim to have plenty of reserves, but a top energy expert disputes that. Without any independent data, the world is dangerously in the dark, he says. By Jon D. Markman

Check it out. Should be nothing new to energy buffs, heck, I learned this fashizzle in a intro level geology course on earth resources. But for those of you who think nothing of filling up your pimped out Ford Excursion to drive to your job 3 miles down the road at the mall, then this is the article for you.

Make SURE to check out the corporate website of Matthew Simmons, a Houston energy analyst and banker at Simmons & Co. International.

Wanna pull a lefty and cry "corporate propagandist whore"? Think again. This guy is

"...no anti-establishment crank. In addition to his role as chief executive of a major energy-focused investment bank, which counts Halliburton and the World Bank among its clients, he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was an advisor to President Bush’s election campaign and Vice President Dick Cheney’s infamous energy task force" (Markman).
Give it a whirl. You'll find no spin there. ::drum roll:: This is serious analysis here, kids. Kinda makes you wonder where the heck outfits like Kerr-McGee are finding their black gold, right? I mean, because they have a suuuuper environmental record.

Enjoy. :P

Posted by Kyer at July 30, 2004 11:43 AM