July 10, 2005

A Musical Meme...

The second WK? meme...this one from good ol' Donnah dearest:

1. Total volume of music files on my computer: In college (ahem. napster. ahem) I had .... prolly 2-3000 "music files"...now it's down to about 100 or so, maybe. (I kinda developed a "conscience").

2. Last CD I bought: A huge 2 CD-set compilation of Bing Crosby's work

3. Song Playing Right Now: Well the last song that I heard was AC/DC's Dirty Deeds

4. Five Songs (or Albums) I listen to a lot or that move me:
* August and Everything After -- Counting Crows
* 50 Number Ones -- George Strait
* At Newport -- Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday & Carmen McRae
* War All Time or Full Collapse -- Thursday
* Anything by Johnny Cash

5. Tag three others:

1. The Steiner Aid

2. Vince Aut Morire

3. Clarity and Resolve

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