July 11, 2005

Queen Honors WWII Veterans

(link) LONDON - Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday expressed the nation's admiration, gratitude and respect for the generation that fought and won World War II, as thousands turned out on a glorious summer day to mark the 60th anniversary of the conflict's end.

The scenes of marching bands, flag-waving crowds and the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace betrayed no hint of a city still recovering from deadly terrorist bombings three days earlier.

The queen, who served in a military transport unit during the war, spoke at a luncheon for veterans at Horse Guards Parade in central London.

"At this special occasion I express on behalf of the nation our admiration, our respect and our thanks to you for what you gave all those years ago for the cause of freedom and our way of life, which we will continue to defend as you did," she said.

Cool. The queen served in the war, too? Whodathunk?

I am so glad it turned out to be a "glorious summer day" for the veterans--our brothers-in-arms. Lord knows, they deserved it, indeed.

Very cool.

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