August 27, 2005

Special envoy to Venezuela Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson to visit Venezuela, meet Chavez:

US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson will reportedly begin a three-day visit to Venezuela on Saturday, to meet President Hugo Chavez, politicians and community leaders.

Jackson and his delegation will meet Chavez, Venezuelan religious leaders and will attend a special session of Venezuela's National Assembly convened Sunday.

Jackson will also meet leaders of African-descended communities in Caracas, the ABN state news agency said.

On Monday, Jackson travels to Barlovento, 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of Caracas, to meet with members of the African-Venezuelan community.

Somebody please tell me...Who the heck is Jesse Jackson that he should be able to meet with a dictator head of state like Chavez?

Better watch out Hugo, ol' boy... Reverend Jackson might convince members of the African-descended communities to fight for reparations. You know, for the historical use of African slave labor in Latin America, and all.

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