August 27, 2005

When "Top Secret" ain't so secret these days...

Leaks of Classified Data Called Damaging and Widespread:

Washington -- The practice of leaking information to the media has become "almost second nature" in the U.S. capital, and when it is classified, severe damage to U.S. intelligence capabilities can occur, a Michigan congressman says.

Representative Pete Hoekstra, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, spoke about the problem of leaks of classified information at a Heritage Foundation forum on July 25. In remarks prepared for delivery, he focused on deliberate leaks of classified information, as opposed to accidental or espionage-related incidents.

Some people, Hoekstra said, "seemingly leak just because they can. These are the people, and especially those that have access to classified information, that we need to worry about."

What's the harm, you may ask?
Some years ago, [Hoekstra] said, very sensitive information was leaked about how the intelligence community was collecting data about Osama bin Laden. Thereafter, bin Laden changed his methods of operation and a valuable intelligence opportunity was lost.
Need I say, READ THE REST?

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