September 14, 2005

Muslim on Muslim Violence

Zarqawi declares war on Iraq Shi'ites.

A suicide bomber killed 114 people in a crowd of Shi'ite laborers in the bloodiest of a wave of attacks in Baghdad, and a statement attributed to Iraq's al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi declared war on Shi'ites.

[...] Zarqawi said his declaration of war on Iraq's majority Shi'ite Muslims was in response to the offensive mounted by U.S. and Iraqi forces against insurgents in the town of Tal Afar near the Syrian border, according to an Internet audio tape.

[...] "Al Qaeda Organization in Iraq ... has declared war against Shi'ites in all of Iraq," said the voice on the audio tape, sounding like that on previous recordings attributed to Zarqawi. No immediate verification was available.

The big difference between Sunni on Shi'ite violence in the Sandbox and Protestant vs. Catholic violence in (N)Ireland is the lack of justification for such behavior in Christian scriptures.

Show me where in the Holy Bible you will find a justification for Prods and Caths to riot and fight each other?

<AP: A Protestant youth passes a burning bus in north Belfast, Northern Ireland Monday Sept 12, 2005.

Now go on and tell me the "Noble Qur'an" doesn't advocate the killing of ...well...anybody...

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Go ahead. I dare you.

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