December 30, 2005

Jay Tea: agnostic Zionist WASP

Aside from the fact Jay just identified himself as an agnostic "White Anglo-Saxon PROTESTANT" (yes, I am too much of a literal person), I agree with his analysis: Why this agnostic WASP is a Zionist.

I've lived through and noted numerous cycles of the "Mideast Peace Process." They all seem to go the same way -- the world pressures both sides to talk. Israel makes concessions as "signs of good faith." They talk. A wonderfully intricate process is discussed. At the conclusion, people announce that "peace is at hand" and Israel makes more concessions. Then the Palestinians start backing away from their commitments. They cite numerous reasons why they can't abide by what they just agreed to. Meanwhile, they and the rest of the world press Israel to keep its commitments, and to continue on schedule. Then the terrorist attacks resume. Everyone urges Israel to "show restraint" (a demonstration that is usually measured in dead Israelis). Finally, Israel has enough and hits back, at which point they are blamed for "destroying the peace process" -- no one ever seems to note that every single step was taken by the Israelis, while the Palestinians did absolutely nothing. And those concessions the Israelis made? They're presumed permanent, and merely move the starting point for the next useless cycle.
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Er... in my defense, I was raised Methodist. So, culturally, I consider myself a WASP -- just not very WASPy, and actually more WAS than WASP.


Posted by: Jay Tea at January 1, 2006 08:30 AM

Well! Now that we have THAT cleared up! ;)

Posted by: kyer at January 2, 2006 12:58 AM