January 02, 2006

Wolcotts & Hurricanes & Lizardoids! Oh my!

Today's Hidden Gem Post of the Blogosphere comes to us courtesy of Donnah:

[...] I put on the same boots for wading through LGF comments as I do for the Democratic Underground ones: the solid waste of the lunatic fringe commenter is heaped high in both places.
Meanwhile, I am almost ashamed to agree (on SOME points) with James "I root for hurricanes[!]" Wolcott's description of the Lizard Army:
I don't know [if] you've ever ventured into the subterranean underworld that is LGF's comments section, but it's sort of like a disorganized Nuremberg Rally, a lot of angry ruffians with nowhere to go lacking something better to do.
But hey, as Donnah said, "it's heaped high in both places."

P.S. Mr. Wolcott, I am staying quite warm this winter alongside my "phony indigation," thank you very much.

Update: Donnah's comment from her post:

The signal-to-noise ratio is awful. Count me out of the crazy-talk, whether from the left or right wing. It doesn't matter which end of the political spectrum shit comes from: it's still just shit.
Spot. On.

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