August 04, 2006

IQ: Running their own (motor) show

Iraqi Army’s 6th Motor Transport Regiment takes control (no link)

Story and photo by Sgt. Trevor Snyder
124th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

BAGHDAD -- The Iraqi Army 6th Motor Transport Regiment took control of its own operations in a ceremony July 3 at Camp Taji, a sprawling joint Iraqi-Coalition facility just a few miles north of Baghdad.

The regiment has been working closely with the 4th Sustainment Brigade since October 2005. The transfer of authority is another milestone in Iraqi progress towards providing its own security. The 6th Motor Transport Regiment's mission is to transport Iraqi Armed Forces members and cargo throughout Iraq as directed by the Ministry of Defense.

"It's a completely Iraqi show," said Lt. Col. William Schiek, commander of the 4th Brigade Support Battalion. "It's been a real pleasure working with them because not only do we share ideas with them, they are sharing ideas with us."

"Who is better at working in the local area than the folks that grew up in this area," Schiek said.

The 6th Motor Transport Regiment consists of seven companies including a headquarters company, four light transportation companies, a security company and a support company. Their equipment consists of more than 100 trucks.

Recent areas of operations have included Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Fallujah and Ramadi.

"We've built some friendships here," responded Maj. Roger Glenn, a force protection officer who works with the 6th Motorized Truck Regiment. "(The Coalition's) role has really switched from being warfighters with them when we first arrived here. Now they are conducting all of that mission on their own."

"It's nice to see them receive some credit and recognition."

And credit well deserved, too. Great job.

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