August 04, 2006

IQ: "Heroes of the Republic"

The Iraqi military continues to make progress in leading their own.

Iraqi Cadre to Begin Training Enlisted

Story and photo by Sgt. Rachel Brune
101st Airborne Division

Q-WEST BASE COMPLEX — The latest cycle of Iraqi troops graduated from the Iraqi Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy here, about 45 miles south of Mosul on July 25.

The class was the last of a series taught by U.S. instructors from the 11th Field Artillery Regiment.

Staff Sgt. Edwin R. Sanchez, right, an instructor at the Q-West Iraqi Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy, and an interpreter watch a slideshow depicting scenes from the latest training cycle during a graduation ceremony on July 25.

The latest Iraqi NCOs will now return to their units as trained leaders, while Iraqi cadre at the academy prepare to take full responsibility for future training here.

"The (Iraqi) cadre … are charged with training Iraqi NCOs in the new millennium and beyond," said Staff Sgt. Edwin R. Sanchez, who has taught at the Academy with his fellow Soldiers for the past year.

The instructors, including four Iraqi cadre members, taught a three-week leadership development course which included traffic control point procedures, clearing buildings, drill and ceremony, physical fitness training, hand
-to-hand combat, ethics and other skills similar to what American Soldiers learn in their courses.

Sgt. Maj. Walter Murrell, a member of the U.S. training team, gave his last graduation remarks as commandant of theNCO Academy.

"Teamwork is fundamental to what this country is trying hard to achieve," he told the graduates.

Murrell asked the Iraqi Soldiers to remember and apply what they learned, especially when leading a team of Iraqi Soldiers into a dangerous area.

"You are the lifeblood of your nation, and you must never forget that," said Murrell.

"It was an honor to serve side by side with you. When the history books are written, you will be the heroes of the republic."

May history truly look favorably upon the blood, sweat, and tears of the heroes of this nation... and ours.

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